What Cancer and Motherhood Have Taught Me

So many things can happen in a year, a month, a day and even in just one single second.

Last year, I recorded my testimonial to send out a message during the month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.


This year, I am sitting by my son’s hospital bed, hoping the recovery after his recent surgery will go as smooth as possible. This is our third visit to London for his medical care this year, and in the background of my overcrowded brain, lies the concern of my own well being as well as taking care of my family.

Being a mom has taught me more than I ever imagined possible.

Being a mom of a sick child and surviving cancer has been absolutely overwhelming. 66-8nov2014

I have learned to appreciate every minute of every day because we have a few too many bad minutes to make up for.

I have learned to accept that no matter how much you plan – 9 out of 10 times things will go the opposite way of that plan, whether it’s something as simple as going out for an afternoon or plans for surgery. I go with what comes my way as best as I can, and try to provide Henry with as many positive and fun experiences as I can.

As difficult as it has been I have learned that it is not possible to commit to things for long periods of time. I have had to accept that I can work on smaller projects and make smaller commitments, it provides a small amount of stability and allows me to feel like a person so that I can be a mom.

I found that there are times when it ok to lose my s*%t in order to clear up my mind for when the days get tough.

I have learned how easy and important it is to become an expert in a medical condition you had no idea existed.

I have accepted that I need to take things one day at a time and on days like these, one hour at a time and that it’s really okay.


One of the most difficult things for me to learn was to be mindful of my own needs because, in the end, if I am not well, I won’t be able to take care of my family.

I have also learned how important it is to have a support system and to ask for help. My tribe of family and friends have provided endless support that has made a world of difference in my life.

And all the while staying positive and looking to the future, for me, my little boy, my husband and our little family unit. Things have been difficult beyond anything I could have ever believed, but plenty of good has come out of the bad and for this I am grateful, and I have grown and it has made me the person, wife and mom that I am.


Bringing Back Mom Jeans

Bringing Back Mom Jeans - A Bird with a French Fry

It’s funny how in fashion a certain trend is in one minute and out the next. It seems that we can’t make up our minds on styles. At one point in time bell bottoms from the disco era, which saw popularity again in the early 2000’s in less exaggerated flares, began popping back up last year with Bustle sharing style tips on how to modernise them.

Another one of these past fads making the rounds again are mom jeans. Previously they were deemed unfashionable, yet now they’re one of the hottest trends seen in women’s fashion, tailor made for all ages.

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Play Therapy & an Emotionary

A Bird with a French Fry - Play Therapy & Emotionary

These past few months have gone by quicker than I care to accept. Despite having been worried about initial plans for surgery being postponed, I am happy they were.

On the one hand, I will not deny that the waiting and not knowing took its toll on me and yes, I was very worried that something would go terribly wrong, but if I look past the waiting, not knowing and worrying, I see us having made the most of the summer days, and that’s what counts.

More importantly, is that this time has helped heal some of the ever-increasing fears and anxieties of a little boy visiting the hospital on a regular basis.

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Fun Design Tips For Your Baby’s Room

Fun Design Tips for Baby's Room

When welcoming a new baby into the family, a lot of the focus at home turns toward developing a beautiful nursery. Of course, in the early months your baby will likely be sleeping in your room, in a crib by your bed. Eventually the time will come when you will start to train your little one to sleep in their own room. That’s when it can be lovely to decorate a comfortable and attractive space.

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Project Modern Kids’ Space: Enchanted Dreams


Creating spaces for children that are both welcoming and comfortable is no easy task. When I came across the beautiful organic children’s bedding collection by Forivor, I wanted to be 6 again. It’s no wonder why I love stories so much. This collection perfectly defines ‘every great design begins with an even better story’ – full circle. Any child would be more than delighted and have a room that inspires story, dreams and play.

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Carry your baby with ease & comfort with Cocobelt

A Bird with a French Fry - Cocobelt review

Have you ever tried getting around with a baby, car seat, groceries, a toddler, a handbag and more? Does it take you forever to get from your car to your destination, fumbling all the way resembling something similar to a hot mess? We’ve all been there. I didn’t have a toddler with me when Henry was young, but I know I fell into the hot mess category many times and this piece of well designed baby gear would have saved me much complaining.

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Littlefolk and Lil Gadgets Review + Giveaway

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

How many times have you heard the same song with your kid(s) today? I can bet it’s more than you care to admit and you swear that if you hear it one more time, you’ll probably barf a rainbow.

I’ve been there. Sometimes it gets to the point where I feel that the songs almost begin to hurt my ears. One of the most recent favourites around here is ‘Baby Shark – do do do do dodo’, even just writing the name of the song brings on a spine curdling annoyance! The songs might (might) be cute the first time you hear them but after you’ve heard it play 8 times in a row, you can pretty much kiss that initial ‘like feeling’ good-bye. Forever.

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Kid-Approved Stylish Storage for Stowing Toys and Games

Most kids aren’t so great at keeping their rooms and play areas tidy. Without begging, pestering and reminding, their activity areas are often left disheveled and dirty. But there is a solution for quietly encouraging tiny tykes to keep their clothing and toys neatly stored and stowed away.

Here are a few clever storage ideas for encouraging little ones to embrace organization and orderliness.

Kid Approved Toy Storage
Image Credit: Image Via Geek Chic Programming

All aboard! Kids will adore rolling under the bed storage, especially when it includes a train table. Perfect for aspiring auto-lovers, this storage system disguises locomotive clutter and can be used for hiding tons of tiny trinkets.

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