Gear Review – 5 Reasons Why We Love Ergobaby

Gear Review - Ergobaby 360 Carrier #IBW2015 #babywearing

Her eyes opened wide, “Baby-what?” she said. “Babywearing”, I replied, “this week is International Babywearing Week.”

When you have children, you take it for granted that others know what the heck you’re talking about when you say things like ‘Babywearing’.

Whether you’re already a parent, soon to be parent, or have no intention of ever having children, I need to tell you about my favourite baby carrier – Ergobaby.

Let me start from the beginning. When I was expecting back in 2012, like many other moms I researched baby gear like it was the latest haute couture.  Quality and aesthetics were always at the top of my requirements. I read review after review for strollers, high chairs, baby bottles and I scoured the internet for info on everything baby. Sadly, there were many items I could only swoon over because they were not available on the island and the option of shipping was often double the cost of the item. One of those swoon-worthy items was the Ergobaby carrier.

Because of Henry’s medical issues, I put the purchasing of a carrier on hold. I knew, though, that it was one piece of gear I couldn’t do without. After months of blood tests and treatments, a carrier would help me continue with daily routine and keep him close to me, helping him feel secure. Since Henry was already 10 months old, I was really interested in a forward facing carrier. Yes, I had read all the controversial reviews about carrying your baby facing forward, but Henry really liked being carried facing forward already, so I knew that was the best choice for us, providing the carrier fulfilled the right criteria as an ergonomic carrier.

When the time came,  I considered the following carriers:

BabyBjorn: It seemed to have really good back support but I was not convinced about it being ergonomic and the babies’ legs seemed to hang downwards, and more so in the forward facing position.

Beco: I was immediately attracted to the stylish prints the carrier came in. I also liked that it was a soft structured carrier making it easy to roll up and carry. It seemed to have good support and was ergonomic for baby every way it was used.

Boba: A very close runner-up to Beco. A soft-structured carrier, cool patterns, and ergonomic – but without the forward facing option.

Ergobaby: The more I read about it, the more I could see what an exceptional carrier it was. I looked to other mothers for their opinions, and it was praised hands down by those who owned the carrier. The only drawback for the Ergo was that it was not forward facing. In October 2013, a friend of mine who knew I loved Ergobaby but was interested in a forward facing carrier, directed me to a news article that announced the release of the Ergobaby 360. Boy was I excited. The problem – it wasn’t going to be available in North America anytime soon, let alone our shores.

Stokke: Naturally, as a fan of Stokke, I migrated to the nearest reseller to see and try the carrier. I found it to be a little bulkier than I would have liked and not compact enough to transport.  I also wasn’t too keen on such a structured carrier. I was actually a little disappointed.

In the end, I chose the Beco carrier.

Now, I am so happy to say that Ergobaby are available in Malta! How cool is that? It’s actually pretty darn amazing. So you can only imagine my delight when Elisavet from Maltamum contacted me to try the carriers for myself. I was so curious about the Ergobaby 360 and I couldn’t wait to try it.

Gear Review - Ergobaby 360 Carrier #IBW2015 #babywearing

Gear Review - Ergobaby 360 Carrier #IBW2015 #babywearing

After using a Beco carrier – a carrier I was really happy with – for the last 2 years, I really wondered if the Ergobaby would live up to all the hype, especially now that Henry is already 2.5 yo

Maltamum contacted me and asked me to try our and review the Ergobaby Four Position 360, and the Ergobaby Organic Carrier. Maltamum also carries other lines from Ergobaby, including the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier, the Ergobaby Performance Baby Carrier as well as carrier accessories like the Ergobaby Infant Insert and Ergobaby Teething Pads and carriers can be purchased individually or as a bundle pack.

After trying out the Ergobaby 360 and the Ergobaby Organic, here are 5 reasons why we love Ergobaby:

1. Soft Structured

Ergobaby Organic Carrier – my initial reaction to this carrier was – oh! it’s so soft – really soft. Unknown fact – I’m a bit of a fabric fanatic so I appreciate good quality textiles. It easy to wrap up, put into a bag and take with you anywhere.
Ergobaby 360 – The fabric itself is a little less soft than the Organic line but still soft enough to roll up and carry.

Gear Review - Ergobaby Organic Carrier #IBW2015 #babywearing

2. Style and Colour 
Ergobaby Organic Carrier – As much as being a fan of stylish patterns, I really love the solid blue, brown 2-tone and subtle patterns added in other models in the Organic line. They even have a zippered pouch that is ideal for when you want to whip out of the house with just  baby, keys and mobile.
Ergobaby 360 – The line includes stylish black and beige that can be serious and glamorous, and dusty blue with polka dots that screams cute and trendy.

3. Easily Adjustable
Ergobaby Organic Carrier – Very similar to the Beco in that it was easy to put baby in and adjust, and being pretty intuitive/user-friendly.
Ergobaby 360 – Also very intuitive and easy to manage. I really appreciated the adjustable velcro waistband and additional strap that clipped over for extra support.

Gear Review - Ergobaby Organic Carrier #IBW2015 #babywearing

4. Ergonomic
Ergobaby Organic Carrier – the position of the baby sitting in the carrier feels natural and craddles the baby.
Ergobaby 360 – all four positions of the 360 are ergonomic – front inward, front outward, hip and back positions.

Lori Low Res-6485

5. Support
Ergobaby Organic Carrier – the shoulder and waist straps are so padded that it allows for even distribution of weight without feeling pressure on your back and shoulders.
Ergobaby 360 – with a carrier a little less soft, the support felt even better.
I felt an incredible difference in support from my Beco carrier, and although I have always felt the Beco to have good support, the shoulder straps are not nearly as padded and an extended amount of time with the Beco carrier can get tiring quickly – I don’t see that happening with either of the Ergobaby carriers.

Lori Low Res-6484

Gear Review - Ergobaby 360 Carrier #IBW2015 #babywearing

Gear Review - Ergobaby Organic Carrier #IBW2015 #babywearing

I love my Beco, but had Ergobaby been available at the time I would have most definitely gone Ergobaby.

Check out all collection of Ergobaby carriers here.

note: for purposes of example, the Ergobaby 360 Carrier was used in the forward facing position, however, outward-facing front carry position is recommended from 5 to 12 months (6.4-10kgs) 

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