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PlanH Meals & Snacks

Diet – a vulgar four letter word. No one likes to hear it, and no one likes to do it. But what do you do when you need to shed some pounds? I’ll get to that, but first a little back story.

In November 2015, when my husband was told he could be a possible kidney donor to our son, he was weighing in at a close (very close) 100kg. Doctors said that to be eligible for surgery he would have to weigh less than 80kg. He began to diet immediately and over the next 2 months he lost about 6kg. I thought it was a wonderful effort and sacrifice but not quite enough seeing that things seemed to be a little more urgent due to the lack of health of Henry’s kidney.

During a conversation with a good friend, I expressed my stress and worry seeing my husband struggle with meal plans, little to no weight loss, hunger, and feeling pressured. She suggested PlanH. When I learned that the very kind and thoughtful people behind PlanH wanted to donate the plan to my husband, the tears rolled down my face and I felt a weight being lifted.

What is PlanH?

PlanH Meals & Snacks


In short – all your meals and snacks are prepared and delivered to you.  Could it be any easier? 

The meals and snacks delivered to you will not total more than the required calories you should consume in one day – which means you don’t even need to count calories, PlanH does that for you.

PlanH Meals & Snacks


The daily meal plan includes breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner.

Here is a sample of meals from a day on PlanH:

Breakfast:               Breakfast muffin                        
Morning snack:     Bean dip                           
Lunch:                     Pork stir fry                           
Afternoon snack:   Frittata spinach and ricotta                                             
Dinner:                    Chana Masal

R began the PlanH meal plan the first week of January and in less than 4 weeks he lost more weight than he had in the previous 2 months, before starting PlanH. The best thing about it, he tells me, is that he no longer has the major cravings he did before and the portions are very satisfying.

PlanH Meals & Snacks


Those of you who have ever been on any sort of diet can relate when I say you eat pretty much the same thing every day. Not only is it time-consuming to prepare varied healthy meals but you also need to be pretty creative to come up with healthy and tasty dishes before you throw in the towel and consume an entire pizza. With PlanH, the meals are different every day, seriously. There are times I think some of the meals look and smell so yummy that they can’t possibly be healthy – but they are.

PlanH Meals & Snacks


After having been on so many fad diets in the past, I have learned one thing – they don’t work and are almost always unhealthy. I believe in a balanced meal plan, reasonable portions and eating what you enjoy in moderation. You can quickly lose weight on fad diets but you would be compromising your health. With PlanH, weight loss is gradual, the meals are balanced, provide you with ample vitamins and nutrients and most importantly healthy.

PlanH Meals & Snacks


Your meals for the day are delivered every morning Monday to Friday and on Saturday meals for both Saturday and Sunday are delivered to you. In my opinion, the inconvenience of  trying to eat healthy makes it that much easier to turn to unhealthy ‘convenience foods’. With PlanH you don’t need to. When you’re hungry, your healthy meal is there, leaving no excuse for you to abandon your healthy diet. On top of that, the delivery service is exceptional and the staff is always friendly and smiling.

R couldn’t be happier about the way his diet is going and is very close to reaching his goal. For us, PlanH is more than meal plan that is healthy, nutritious, tasty convenient and varied.


During our visit to London earlier this month, R began to undergo being tested as a kidney donor. Doctors were very pleased with his weight loss so far and have told him to continue what he is doing. PlanH has taken away a lot of the pressure and stress for R to get healthy and be considered as a kidney donor to our son. PlanH has changed our lives. We cannot thank them enough.

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