Extra Hospital Visits


As I listened to her speak from my end of the phone, I could only take a deep breath and and hope that we would be back in time. ‘If you are still away after 3 weeks, you’ll need to get the flush done in London.’

My cancer treatment has long ended, but the checkups continue and even more frequent is the flush of my portacath.

‘We’ll leave it there a little while’ they said, ‘…just in case.’

Every 3 weeks, I make my way to the oncology centre to get it flushed so that it stays healthy. Not only is the trip to the hospital an ‘extra trip’ on top of all our other visits – it’s a reminder of what was and what could be.

Before this visit to London, I got my port flushed just before we left, but I knew that there was a good possibility while we were still in London. I received ample support from the hospital back home and the hospitals in London to get it organised.

The day started with an appointment at GOSH for Henry, and later that same day I had my appointment at Guy’s hospital. Not to our surprise, our presumably quick visit at GOSH was anything but quick. Getting Henry’s blood tests done prove to be more and more difficult at each visit.

Needless to say we were running late. With a tired & cranky toddler, we made our way to the next hospital. A little more waiting and much more crying. How do you explain to a 3 year old that not every hospital waiting room has a playroom.

Being back at our residence at the end of the day, I can only be thankful that the long and tiring day is over.

Now there is the matter of trying to get Henry to be a little more calm at hospital visits – but that’s another day.


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