6 year old Ukrainian girl, treated for cancer at the oncology hospital

A six-year-old girl from Ukraine who arrived in Malta on Thursday afternoon has already started her cancer treatment at the local oncology centre.

The child is being cared for at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, in line with the country’s humanitarian effort to help victims of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The young girl is the first patient to arrive in Malta from Ukraine to undergo cancer treatment.

The Health Minister reported that “The young girl arrived from Kyiv and is the first patient from Ukraine to continue their cancer treatment in Malta, after, unfortunately being unable to do so in her own country.”

Malta is one of several countries in Europe that are taking on the care of cancer patients fleeing Ukraine. Malta has committed to delivering aid, including medical and protective equipment, as well as COVID test kits and vaccines to the country. Some €1.4 million in medicines was sent over to Ukraine over the last weekend.

source: Times of Malta

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