8 weeks

I am pretty excited at the moment… I seem to be growing by the minute… and apart from the blistering heat, its really been quite an adventure, even in this short time. What I am not enjoying is the reaction that my skin is having. I think that the heat is partially to blame. Stick raging hormones into the mix and its a fool proof recipe for bad breakouts! Its pretty annoying.

My sister says that I’m expanding exponentially and she’s convinced there’s more than one ‘jellybean’ in there…. yes, you read correctly, I said jellybean. Its actually sweet and hilarious at the same time. When I first found out that we were expecting, I started to look for cool iphone apps that would entertain and inform me. What I quickly learned was that several of these apps refer to the baby as a different food each week, to help picture the size of the baby. And this week, it happens to be jellybean on one app, and olive on another app… and I prefer jellybean! Last week it was blueberry, but I am falling in love with jellybean….. in so many ways, of course.

The sleeping is a little better… again, the heat doesn’t help, but I’m a person that is cranky in cold weather, not hot weather. And R can’t get over the fact that we still have the duvet on the bed. Before you think I’m completely mad with a duvet in 40 degree weather… I can explain. As soon as we get home the air conditioning goes on at 16 degrees and by the time we are off to bed, I have icy fingers and toes, and the duvet is so comfortable. Apart from that, I snuggle up and wrap the duvet under and around me to ease the strange feeling of this growing belly. It was much more comforting in the first few weeks, with all the bloating, now my body seems to be adjusting, just as the gyne had told me it would.

Patiently waiting for the ultrasound in 2 weeks, when I’ll be 10 weeks and then waiting another 2 weeks till we make the news public… and I can’t wait… I’m showing already and its starting to get difficult to hide… but I am told that its just to early to break the news, so will have to be patient a little longer before we spill the beans about our jellybean.

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