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Around London with Ergobaby & Lily Jade

Three days after returning from our trip to London, we received an email informing us that procedures initially planned for mid April were now bumped forward to the beginning of April. And without a breather, the mad rush of planning and preparing for another trip started again.


If you’ve ever travelled with a baby or toddler, you know the packing is far from light. In our case we have a bit more to carry because of medicines we need throughout the day – we had an entire hand luggage full of medicines for our trip.


I knew that we would be out for long days and wanted to make commuting and getting around as easy and simple as possible.

I couldn’t have done it without our Ergobaby and my Lily Jade diaper bag. Getting on and off buses and into the underground was a breeze. We even managed to keep naptimes on most days as Henry would easily fall asleep in the Ergobaby and we could carry on with our journey – minimising the tantrums and cranky sessions because he was tired.


I easily packed meds, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, bottle, the documents I needed for the day along with the usual things I would carry in a handbag – all in one very stylish bag.  The bag can be packed with or without the internal organiser. It even comes with a matching red changing mat.

I most loved having straps to be able to transform the bag into a backpack, left me hands free and able to snuggle Henry and keep warm, or to run in the park with him between hospital appointments.

Lily Jade bags are made from beautiful soft leathers and are available in a number or gorgeous designs – not your average diaper bag.

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