“Take a look at how an artistic doctor turns children’s broken arms into personalized animated artwork.”

The process begins with the pre-op nurses encouraging the kids to pick something unique and special for their cast. Then, the OR staff, including nurses, anesthesia, and scrub techs, work together to select the marker colors and help plan the outline of the artwork. Finally, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Felicity Fishman brings the art to life, carefully drawing the chosen design on the cast.

Shriners Children’s Hospital

The entire team at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Chicago is involved in the project, with everyone working together to create a positive experience for the children. “The whole team at Shriners Children’s has embraced the simple happiness that the cast art allows the recovering child to enjoy,” Fishman explained. “It is truly a team effort; my PA and my nurse in clinic begin the conversation about the potential cast art so the families have time to choose, and the child has something to look forward to—instead of being scared.”

For the children, having a personalized cast design can make all the difference during their recovery. It allows them to express their creativity and regain a sense of control in a situation that can often be scary and overwhelming. “The ability to pick something special and personalized for their cast allows the child to regain a sense of autonomy in an otherwise anxiety-provoking situation,” Fishman said.

Shriners Children’s Hospital

The impact of Fishman’s artwork is clear, as many children have grown attached to their cast designs and even feel sad when it’s time to have them removed. The orthopedic techs at the hospital try to preserve the artwork when families request to keep it, so the children can have a lasting memory of their experience. Through her unique combination of medical expertise and artistic talent, Dr. Felicity Fishman is making a difference in the lives of children and families at Shriners Children’s Hospital.


source: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/artistic-doctor-turns-kids-broken-arms-into-animated-artwork/

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