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Autumn & New Beginnings

I can’t believe its been its been 6 months since my last blog post!

This time of year, gives me hope. For as long as I can remember I associate the autumn months with new beginnings; a time to start something new. I guess its because I associate this time of year with starting school, cracking open new notebooks, fresh boxes of pens and pencils and crayons on my younger days, the autumn pushes me and gives me strength to go forward, learn, work, diy and get cozy for the winter. I so very much miss the colours of the changing leaves on the trees back in Toronto, feeling the cool air on my skin, and the breeze whispering about the snow that will fall in a few short months.

It was only 6 months ago that I clearly recal starting to work on my time management (a difficult task with a toddler at your feet) and getting into a nice routine, lining up all the projects I wanted so badly to start working on during the summer.

We had a regular scheduled hospital visit with H’s paed, and she was thrilled with his progress, telling us we could schedule our next appointments further away, meaning less frequent blood tests and hospital visits on the whole, and we were thrilled to say the least.

Henry 14 months old

Two days later I found a lump in my breast and sooner than you can say spaghettios, I was back at the hospital, for me this time. More blood, more tests, more tears.

Keeping up with smiles through hard times

Its been a very long and grueling 6 months, my tests, my surgeries, my chemo, my side-effect, H’s hospital visits and H’s surgeries, and struggling with home, work life balance.

Either due to hectic schedules, being sick, tired and busy with H, I had very little time or strength to sit in front of a computer, nor could I concentrate for that matter.

I have read so many stories by other woman battling breast cancer, and they have given me inspiration, hope and strength to share. And nothing can surpass the the love, positivity, help and support I have received from countless friends, loving husband and family.

This month, also being PinkOctober, has given me the extra push start to share my story and what I have been through so far, hopefully continuing to share as I continue my battle. I hope that my sharing will provide more awareness and hope to others going through similar hard times.

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