Baby Wearing/Sling Party

1383546_10151937548245818_713809748_nI was recently invted to a group on Facebook for ‘Mums of 2013 Babies’ and to be quite honest, I have never actually been an ‘active’ member on any group that I am in…. so I actually hesitated to accept the invitation, just because I hate feeling that I am a member of something that I do not participate in and also to avoid unessasary updates and already abundant disturbances on Facebook. I was invited to the group by a good friend of mine so I thought, why not, after all, I am a mom of a 2013 baby, surely I’ll have something in common with other members. And I am glad I did, thanks AS!

One of the topics that came up was that of baby wearing/baby carriers/slings and one of the members, ever so kindly organised a baby wearing/sling party. I have been thinking about getting a baby carrier for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity for me to take H and see how he reacts to a carrier, especially since he is older, I wasn’t quite sure how happy he’d be since he hadn’t gotten used to it from a young age.


We tried on the Ergo baby carrier and although I felt such relief for my back, H didn’t seem too thrilled. Nevertheless, I loved the feel and comfort of it and it would definitely be my first choice, except that I know H loves looking out at his surroundings and I really had my mind set on a carrier where baby can face forward. I think ergo actually heard my wishes becuase they recently (October 2013) came out with a front facing model…. swoon… but it will only be released in Spring 2014 and even then it will be difficult to get here in Malta.


Initially, my first choice for a carrier was the Stokke My Carrier, I love its design (I’m a sucker for design) and its overall look and feel, and it has the forward facing option. I visited my local shop and also gave it a try with H… and although it didnt seem to be set properly, he still wasn’t too thrilled with being in the carrier, but boy did my back say ‘aaaahhhh’. The back support and comfort felt better than the Ergo, but I think H was more comfortable in the Ergo.


After some research online and suggestion from my friend L, the Beco Gemini seems like the best bet…. but I have no way of trying this carrier as its not available in Malta. I would just have to order it and take a chance. I have come to the conclusion that this carrier would be the best for H and I because its soft like the ErgoBaby, so I know H will be comfortable and its semi-structured and has front facing option like the Stokke MyCarrier. One I order it and give it a try I’ll be sure to write my review and let you all know.

There were also other moms at the sling party showing how to wrap their babies in slings… and although they made it look so simple and so comfortable, I knew H would never have any of it, but it was still so facinating to see… its kinda a talent! One clever mom even made her own carriers and slings and passed on the links to me. She told me she adjusted a few things here to suit her needs and they were just lovely.

Here, here and here are some links for DIY carriers! I was thrilled to see these as I had never come across them before and I love a good DIY!

In the end… the party was great, it was so nice to be around other moms and I enjoyed seeing H around other little ones… a success, so thanks C and thanks to my good friend L who kindly gave H and I a lift since we are still without a car!

I’m glad I joined that FB group!

    1. and likewise.. meeting you was a plus for my 2013! Hope to meet up when you are back in summer 🙂 xx

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