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As a wedding gift, my brother and sister gave us a voucher for a honeymoon and we had never got round to booking that holiday till now, and its almost been a year!

I really wanted to do something special for this holiday, but life gets so busy and occupied with work and everything that needs to be done that had I not just made the arrangements we would have lost the opportunity altogether.

R and I really could not decide were we wanted to go and we just kept postponing it, and then with the news of Jellybean, we thought surely it was not meant to happen, at least not for a while. So I thought of changing that honeymoon to a babymoon!


I can’t divulge the information of my travel plans here, because its a surprise for R. I thought it would be great to do something special for him, since we tend to forget about the daddy to be and the 9 months seem to focus more on the mommy and the baby.

So I did some research and the plans are well underway. Today I collected our flight tickets from the agency in Gozo and its settled, return flights and 4 star hotel accommodation (it looks like a lovely hotel) . I just need to book some train tickets and organise the day of his other surprise I will give him while were are there… but I am so super excited. And all R knows is that will be away for 4 days… Well he’ll obviously find out the destination on the day we arrive at the airport but there will still be another surprise waiting for him. I am so super excited! For me the only thing better than someone giving me a surprise is me giving someone a surprise! I really can’t wait! I am probably more excited than him.

The only thing that is bothering me a little is that I will be in my third trimester and I need to talk to my gyne to issue a ‘fit to fly’ document, and to reassure me that it will be ok. During one of our first visits she had told me that it would be ok to fly in the third trimester, but I’ll just spak to her again to make sure! My sister recommends getting special pantyhose for circulation and I also read that its important to get up and walk every hour.

Has anyone else had the experience of a flight during pregnancy? How was it?

By the way… did I mention how excited I am?

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