First Halloween DIY Monster Hat


I always looked forward to Halloween as a child! My mom would sew up a storm to make the costume that we wanted that particular year, always making sure it was good enough to keep us warm while out trick-or-treating on the cold October Halloween night.

Although Halloween is not as popular here, I still wanted to get into the theme of Halloween and have some fun, eventhough he’s too young for trick-or treating.

Without being too elaborate, I made him a one eyed monster hat, that’s both warm and fun!

All you’ll need is some type of stretchy fleece or knit for the base of the hat, felt squares for the eye and teeth, scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine.

I got a hat that H already owned and I used it as a pattern to make the new hat.
If you dont have an old hat and need a pattern for the hat, just let me know and I’ll draw it up for you and post it here as well. (If I get the time, I’ll do it anyways)

Place right sides of fabric together.

Cut 4 pieces for the ears/horns. Put right sides together and stitch.
Slip them between the front and back of the hat, centering at the top left and right.

Stitch the hat from end to the other, making sure to keep ears/horns between the 2 sides of the hat.

Fold up a small hem at the bottom of the hat and stitch.

Cut 3 circles out of the felt and stitch to centre of hat.

Cut out the teeth and stitch onto hat.

Happy Halloween, Scarers!

DIY Halloween Monster Hat DIY Halloween Monster Hat DIY Halloween Monster Hat DIY Halloween Monster Hat DIY Halloween Monster Hat DIY Halloween Monster Hat

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