Beautiful Music for Baby Bump

I don’t know how many times a day, I see a video pop up on my Facebook feed, ‘watch this’, ‘listen here’, ‘have you seen this?’. It’s so easy getting caught up watching videos, you just end up watching one then another and another and before you know it, an hour has gone by. Because my time is much more limited these days, I try to be selective in what I watch, but I love watching new and clever adverts. This video kept popping up on my wall and I thought I’d give in and I was not disappointed that I took the time to watch it, this couple is just so adorable!


And then I saw this video that my friend posted on a group wall. I had seen this advert before and I recall that it had pulled on my heartstrings and I couldn’t resist watching it again.

I hope you take a few minutes to watch and enjoy these vids as much as I did.

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