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Apart from being a place where I share my experiences, projects, styling inspiration and all things design for kids, this blog has also given me the opportunity to create relationships with many people all over the world – many of which have turned into  friendships.

Earlier this year, I had to pleasure of ‘virtually’ meeting the beautiful people behind the fun and inspiring children’s clothing line ‘Little & Mighty’. As you might guess from the name, their adventure inspired apparel celebrates being little and mighty – and so you can imagine just how much this resonates with me and my little and mighty guy.

In these three short years, Henry has fiercely battled through everything that came his way. My perspective on things has changed quite considerably over these years and it was an awful realisation to comprehend how much he has gone through and how much more he must go through. I have also learned how resilient little ones can be and all the mighty powers they have. In my eyes, he is so much more than my son, but a representation of bravery and strength with a fierce will.



Needless to say, the idea and inspiration behind ‘Little and Mighty’ is very dear to me and is the perfect description for all the power these littles possess. I wanted to share with you, my readers, the heartfelt depth of inspiration from the creators of L&M and I have asked them a few questions that they have answered here for us to get to know them a little more.

From the creators of Little & Mighty – 3 moms, Amanda, Komal & Rachel.

What does ‘Little & Mighty’ mean for you?

Little & Mighty is so simple yet so powerful to us. We take it quite literally, small kids with big potential. It’s amazing that there are all these little packages of potential running around just waiting to conquer the world. Kids can do anything. No matter the circumstances. Kids display, on a daily basis, so much strength and love and courage among other things. I think sometimes people lose site of just how powerful they are.  They love fiercely and completely and they face challenges with such bravery.  They love without question and without seeing fault.  They love genuinely.  I think most adults could re-learn a thing or two. I also think that often kids are seen as little and not capable and that is so not the case.  With a bit of guidance and the freedom to try along with the belief in them and trust that they will succeed, kids can conquer anything.

{images: Little & Mighty Instagram}

What does it represent?

We (three moms) started Little & Mighty as a creative endeavor to create apparel that was in line with what we were constantly looking for for our kiddos. Initially, we saw a hole in the market and wanted to fill it but it has become so much more to us. We want people to celebrate childhood with us.  We want them to go adventuring, be faced with a challenge to overcome and discover new things about themselves along the way. We want to get back to pure and simple childhood. It’s so magical. We want to fill those kiddos with wonder and allow them to question the world around them. My sister recently posted on our blog about adventuring.  She remembers vividly when one of her girls first felt the wind on her face.  We take the wind for granted and don’t pay much attention to it or are rather annoyed that it’s so strong sometimes but how amazing is the wind. Just the wind. I guess what I’m getting at, is getting un-caught up in life and reveling in the moments of childhood.

How did you come up with the brand?

Our mission is to make clothes that inspire little ones to explore the world around them. We want to be that little nudge to get out and try and see and do and touch. The second part of that is that in doing so (exploring, trying new things, etc.) we know that little ones will discover some amazing things about themselves. Some as little as a mighty dislike for green beans and some as big as overcoming a big fear.


What was your inspiration?

We are inspired by our kiddos. We are amazed by how unique and mighty little ones are from the get go. We are inspired by the stories we hear from other parents about their own children. Fellow parents inspire us by their own mighty abilities – to love fiercely, inspire creativity, and do what needs to be done when things are tough. Just yesterday, my oldest son who is almost four and has a rather reserved personality walked up to a little boy whom he’d never spoken and started talking to him.  Seems small to most but for him and for me who has watched him grow, this was huge. He came back afterward and told me that is was scary but then it wasn’t after he talked to him.  I watched them ride around and around checking each other out without speaking for about 15 minutes and then the words came. I am so proud of him and he is beaming for himself which he should be. It isn’t a huge thing for many but in the moment, in his world, in our world, he showed mighty courage.


What do you hope people will take away when they read your blog?

We want to use our blog as a means to talk about all this and to connect with others and learn about them and their journeys.  Having the opportunity to meet other parents and kids and hear about their individual take on parenthood and childhood and Little & Mighty and what it means to them is tremendous to us.  We absolutely love it.  We hope to become a place where any parent could go to read a bit and be inspired by the job they are doing. We want them to read a post and it bring to mind all the things they are doing that they should be proud of. We stand for kids and I think every parent can get on board with that. We want to be a safe and supportive place to parents to come and chat and learn from each other.  We have no stake in all the disagreements of parenthood, we only care to support those in need of support and learn from others and share in this wonderful journey that we’ve all decided to go on together.

Visit Little & Mighty for loads of cute and adventure inspiring apparel and check out all the beautiful stories of Little and Mighty ones on their blog. Thank you Little & Mighty for such a beautiful initiative – happiness.
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