Birthday Decorations DIY – Travel Theme

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I am a sucker for detail and I made all the little decorations for H’s Birthday Party.

I used the banner ‘oh the places he’ll go’ on the end of a row of 11 photos, one for each month. Sadly I didn’t get a photo of what it ended up looking like. I poked a hole at the end of the banner and tied a ribbon to the end and it was a really cute effect. You can download the banner here. You can either print the white banner on blue paper or the blue banner on white paper.
DSC_0967Henry 12 months 02-12-14_170151

I made a set of hanging garlands that really tied all the decorations together.

Here is the template for you to print your own. You’ll need to print more than one sheet of the striped circles. I printed the others directly on the coloured cardstock, then threaded nylon fishing line through the little shapes and hung them from the ceiling.

Travel Theme Birthday hanging garland

DSC_0955Henry 12 months 02-12-14_164957

I made two different buntings, one for the window that read ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and another smaller version that I hung on the edge of the cake table that read ‘HENRY IS ONE’.

Here is the template for the larger window bunting and here is the smaller bunting with a set of the whole alphabet so you can use the letters you need.

DSC_0946Henry 12 months 02-12-14_164605

DSC_0943Henry 12 months 02-12-14_164437

DSC_0939Henry 12 months 02-12-14_164138

The hat was so much fun and so easy to make.

What you need for this party hat:

Use a ready made party hat as a template, lay it out flat and cut out the same shape from your map paper. Glue it on to the hat and glue the overlapping edges. Cut the shapes out of coloured felt and glue on, be sure that the hat seam/fold is at the back. For the bottom edge I used a bias binding tape since it will turn easily, and cut a thin blue strip of felt to go around the hat as well, then attach a pompom to the top. My hot glue gun really came in handy here.

And here is the Birthday Boy… I loved the hat on him… my little man is growing xx

DSC_0910Henry 12 months 02-12-14_163519

  1. This is so cute, I LOVE the use of maps!! My best friend is a travel-lover and just had her first baby, I’m definitely
    Going to show her this for ideas for when it comes time to plan her first birthday party, I know she’d love this!

  2. I’ve always loved this theme and if I ever have a boy I’m sure I’ll use it. You executed everything so well! I’m a sucker for details too and I can none went in-noticed at the party! Love it!

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