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Home: High-tech Makeover
How to Give Your Home a High-Tech Make Over
Are you a lover of technology? If so, why not indulge in your passion by giving your home a high-tech makeover? Once you do, you’ll never be too far away from all…
Rare Disease Awareness 2019 - A Bird with a French Fry
Meet 7 Unique Children Living with a Rare Disease
Today, the 28th of February, marks International Rare Disease Day. By creating awareness we can try to increase the much-needed support for people living with rare diseases. This is the twelfth International…
Letter to Santa Kit - Printable Template - A Bird with a French Fry
Letter to Santa Kit

Christmas has always been a big deal for me and I suppose it stems from the love and joy that I experienced during this time of year as a child. Till this…

Bedtime Routines & Rituals

Right at the start of parenting, you hear and read so much about how important routines are for little ones; so much, it’s actually quite daunting. For a while I actually felt…

A Bird with a French Fry - My Morning Routine
My Morning Routine Template

October is here and it’s been a whirlwind of a year but here we are and I couldn’t be happier. This time last year, we were still in London, post renal transplant,…

Autumn is coming! Your garden checklist

So it seems that summer is drawing to a close, the nights aren’t as light and warm as they once were, and the morning air is cool and crisp. For many of…


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