A Bird with a French Fry - Rainbow Pom Pom Wall Decor
A Bird with a French Fry - Paper Roll Snowflake DIY Craft

Paper Roll Snowflake Craft

I love doing crafts; if you know me you'll know! I love them all year long, but there is something so much more exciting and fun doing them around holidays and festivities.…

Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here and school is out and like every year we try to figure out how to keep children occupied. This year, the added problem of COVID19 leading many families/parents to…
A Bird with a French Fry - DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Ornament Craft

Cardboard Gingerbread Ornament DIY Craft

As we begin the school holidays with our little ones being at home, it's time to get a little crafty and creative. I'm going to be uploading some crafts over the holidays…

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