Bringing Back Mom Jeans

Bringing Back Mom Jeans - A Bird with a French Fry

It’s funny how in fashion a certain trend is in one minute and out the next. It seems that we can’t make up our minds on styles. At one point in time bell bottoms from the disco era, which saw popularity again in the early 2000’s in less exaggerated flares, began popping back up last year with Bustle sharing style tips on how to modernise them.

Another one of these past fads making the rounds again are mom jeans. Previously they were deemed unfashionable, yet now they’re one of the hottest trends seen in women’s fashion, tailor made for all ages.

It was Brooke Shields who was the purveyor of the baggy jean trend, when she let the world know that nothing could come between her and her Calvins. By then, people were ditching their tight jeans for the looser fit jeans (still maintaining the high waist, of course) – the choice of bottoms for the cast of soap operas and sitcoms like Beverly Hills’ 90210 and Friends.

Bringing Back Mom Jeans - A Bird with a French FryBringing Back Mom Jeans - A Bird with a French Fry

In the 1990s, no one thought to call them mom jeans, since they were seen on virtually everyone, but things changed as we welcomed in the new millennium, with pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera opting for bottoms that sat 3 inches below their belly buttons. It was the young and hip at the time that were wearing low-rise jeans while older women were holding on to their high waist trousers. From then on, they were called mom jeans.

Bringing Back Mom Jeans - A Bird with a French Fry

Following low-rise jeans were the skinnies, but the constriction of skinny jeans had many people despising jeans altogether, which is why leggings are now a staple in women’s wardrobes. With a focus on comfort, an opportunity rose for baggy jeans to make their way back to the runways, and so they did.

As the style editors from Lyst document in the jeans section of their website, the perfect fit can come in any cut and wash. For a long time, skinny jeans were the ideal silhouette, despite not having the comfort or freedom of movement as baggier styles. Thankfully, looser fitted denim jeans are making a comeback, demonstrating that comfort is actually a huge component of finding that perfect pair of jeans. And just because the word “mom” is attached to the trend, it doesn’t make mom jeans any less fashionable than any other fads we have gone through in the past few decades. There is a reason that the fashion industry has revived this ‘90s denim cut.

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