Cardboard Gingerbread Ornament DIY Craft

A Bird with a French Fry - DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Ornament Craft

As we begin the school holidays with our little ones being at home, it’s time to get a little crafty and creative. I’m going to be uploading some crafts over the holidays for you to follow along and have some fun. Some are nice and easy to do with younger ones and some might be something you’ll need to help with a little more or just want to try yourself. In any case, I hope you enjoy them. Be sure to follow our instagram account where we’ll be uploading short videos to our IGTV.

This cute and fun craft is great to do with little ones. Use thicker board and any size hole punch to allow kids to ‘stitch’ around the shape. It’s a great way to introduce them to sewing and also helps with fine motor skills. It can be left as is on brown with small details or you can get really creative with little decorations. Either way, have fun bringing this gingerbread man to life.


A Bird with a French Fry - DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Ornament Craft

To make this cardboard you’ll need a few basic supplies.


gingerbread template
thick cardboard
twine/postal string/yarn
plastic needle
hole punch
items for decorating – pom poms, ribbon, glitter


1. Download and print free gingerbread template.

2. Cut out gingerbread man, trace onto cardboard and cut out.

3. Punch holes around the shape of the cut out.

4. Thread the needle with your choice of twine or yarn.

5. Start from the top and work your way around. At the end, leave a loop and tape to the back so you can hang it.

6. Get create and decorate as you wish.

Let me know how it goes and don’t forget to tag your images with #ABWFFcrafts and @abirdwithafrenchfry_ if you’re on Instagram. And if you like this craft, be sure to follow us on the socials.

See you soon.

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