Comino Boat Trip

Comino Blue LagoonI have been exited abou this trip since I found out that we were going. It’s been ages since I have been to Comino and the Blue Lagoon. But just as luck would have it the weather has took a turn and the wind has kicked in, so much so that the initial boat that we were meant to travel on had to be changed so that it could accomodate for the swells and waves…. bad idea, yes, did I still go, yes!

The whole time we were on the boat, I tried hard not to think of how ill it was making me feel, the swinging and the swaying, churning my stomach. I was seated comfortably, chatting to friends with a nice breeze coming through the window and the time seemed to go by. After some time, I really just needed to get outside on deck for some fresh air, where I remained till the end of our journey. I didn’t actually get sick (its quite hard for me to) but i sure did feel like I was going to. The saddest part was that I was wearing one of my favourite bandanas and it flew off my head and into the sea behind the ship…a sad day! I had that bandanna for about 10 years! oh well.

We got to Comino and the crew started to prepare our lunch (if you could call it that) I was disappointed, to say the least. Nevertheless, I suppose I couldn’t expect more from this excursion we were on. I was selective in what I chose to eat. After our quick short lunch, R and I ventured out to shore with the others to see where we could put down our towels, catch some sun and take a dip.

That was a wish we had soon discovered was not going to be easy to fulfill. The beach was full to the brim. Any tiny spot that you could fit a small wooden sunbed and an umbrella pole, it was there, and it looked horrid. As lovely as the place looks, it is certainly not the place to be on a Saturday, unless you are there at about 8am to find a spot, and rest assured that your surroundings will be soon filled with loads of people without even leaving you space to stretch your legs. R was not pleased with the situation, he dislikes the beach to begin with let alone with all these people.

Our friends found a small corner where we could all drop our belongings till we took a quick dip. I was slightly nerve wracking knowing that our belongings were unattended and that people were walking by constantly, but R reassured me that it would be ok and we wove our way through thick strands of people to get into the sea. Yes, it was pleasant and refreshing and once you’re there its lovely, except for the little fish that kept nibbing at our feet.

me at cominoWith the slight wind that day, I started to feel a little chilly and really needed to get out after about an hour and soak in some heat from the sun. We got our things and trekked back to the ship. On the way, we stopped at one of the many vending carts and purchased an ice cream.

That evening, we met our good friend at our favourite restaurant for a delicious Indian dinner and it was a great end to a full day!

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