Construction Themed 3rd Birthday

3rd Birthday Construction Theme Cake

Birthdays are a happy occasion, a celebration of the day you entered the world. Celebrating Henry’s birthday over these past few years has meant a lot to me. The emotions of the day come flooding back and although the recollection of not being able to hold him the day he was born still pulls at my heart, I am reminded of all he has been through and how far he has come.

In previous years, I was preoccupied with planning his birthday and theme but this year, I was more concerned about whether we would even be on the island for his birthday or be in London. When we got the news (at the end of January) that we wouldn’t need to travel until March, I quickly switched to birthday planning mode.

In recent weeks, his sheer delight over construction vehicles made it easier than ever to decide on a theme. And his utter excitement over the cake made it clear is was just right.

3rd Birthday Construction Theme Cake

We tried to put the cake together without him seeing it, but he was really quick to run into the kitchen. And once he spotted the little setting we had created, he stood in front of the refrigerator in hopes of catching another glimpse each time we opened the fridge.

3rd Birthday Construction Theme Cake

It was fairly simple (and fun) to create. The hardest part was tracking down little construction vehicles on the island. I think I might have called every toy store. It makes me wonder. Is it because they are so popular and they can’t stock enough or is it just coincidence that everyone was buying these little trucks. I never noticed a lack of little construction vehicles before, but then again, I never needed to look.

3rd Birthday Construction Theme Cake

I cut out a stencil of the number 3, and carefully filled it with crushed Oreo cookie crumbs. R patiently separated the white cream filling from the biscuits that we used as a pile of dirt that the excavator was busy working on.

3rd Birthday Construction Theme Cake

Needless to say, Henry loved the cake. We were worried he wouldn’t let us cut it, but once he blew out the candles and we removed the toy trucks, it was good to go.


An afternoon filled with fun, family and plenty of yellow – a very happy birthday!

We now continue to learn and recite the adorable story Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site – the perfect book for a little ‘construction vehicle loving’ boy.

  1. That would be Tom’s perfect birthday cake too! But it didn’t cross my mind so he’s getting a smiley themed one (baked it this morning!)

    1. I’m sure a smiley themed cake will bring plenty of smiles! And there’s always next year or any day for that matter when you can make the construction themed cake. Happy birthday Tom! Is today his birthday?

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