Creating a Winter Wardrobe that is Perfect for the School Run

School Run Wardrobe - A Bird with a French Fry


The school run is one of those tasks that just has to be done. Sometimes you dread doing it, other times you are grateful that it gives you a chance to have a chat and a catch up with your kids. Provided you walk, even if it’s just to the local bus stop and back, it helps to ensure that you fit a little exercise into your day. However, it is important to dress well when you walk the kids to school every day, especially in the winter months.

A Practical as well as Stylish Coat

School Run Wardrobe - A Bird with a French Fry

Top of the list of school run essentials has got to be a warm, waterproof coat. It also has to be able to keep the wind out. There is nothing worse than standing outside the school gates with a cold draught whistling up under your coat. If you can, buy one that has elasticized cuffs and a drawstring waist, this really does make a big difference to how warm you feel. It is usually a good idea to look for one with a hood. When it is up it will keep your hair dry, but more importantly, it will also stop the wind from whistling around the back of your neck.

Sturdy Boots

School Run Wardrobe - A Bird with a French Fry

For the winter school run boots, are usually the best type of footwear. They will definitely keep your feet warmer that shoes and offer good support for your ankles. This makes a huge difference when you find yourself having to walk on slippery pavements. It is also wise to look for a pair that has relatively thick soles. If that part of your boots is too thin your feet will get cold very quickly. When you are walking, your feet will feel fine in most boots. Because you are moving, the blood keeps circulating, so you feel warmer. As soon as the blood stops flowing, your feet will cool rapidly. That effect combined with the cold seeping up from the pavement through the thin soles will soon turn your feet to freezing blocks, so thicker soles is definitely the way to go. You also need to choose something that will keep your feet dry. Not all boots are waterproof. Take the time to either find a pair that are or watch this short video and learn the right way to waterproof the whole family´s footwear.

A Hat and Scarf

It is also worth buying a hat, scarf and gloves. Try to find a hat that covers your ears. You will be really surprised at how much warmer you will feel if you do that. Make sure that the gloves you choose are practical. You do not really want them to be so thick that you find wrapping the kids up warmer when you pick them up means that you need to remove your own gloves. A far more practical approach is to wear two thinner pairs. That way you can slip the outer pair off when you need to complete tasks that require a little bit extra dexterity.

A Decent Bag

School Run Wardrobe - A Bird with a French Fry

If the weather is not too bad in the morning, the chances are your kids will not want to wear their hats and gloves. It is wise to have a bag or rucksack that is big enough to stuff items like these into with you on the school run. That way you know where everything is and can just take them out if you need them.

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