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Every Great Design Begins with an Even Better Story - Lorinda Mamo - A Bird with a French Fry

I give great importance to design in all aspects of life. Years ago, I began interviewing various creatives and collecting the stories behind their designs, products and brands.

More often than not, we learn about a person’s (or business’) creative idea after it has been promoted or gone mainstream. But what about the inception of the project, design, business or creative thought? The ‘Creativity Chronicles‘ was created with just that in mind – ‘Creativity Chronicles’ seeks to look into the story behind what you do!

Look around you… anywhere you are, everything you see was instigated at one point in time by an idea, some of which might have even seemed silly at one point, and developed into something really great!

Little did I know how popular my quote would become. It has been shared all over the internet, and used over and over again by various industries.

The people and stories I have encountered through this blog have been no different in terms of inspiration and I am always intrigued by the story behind the designs and brands.

Do you have an interesting design story you want to share? Get in touch and let’s work on it.

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