DIY Magic Wand


DIY Magic Wand


thick twigs/branches
acrylic paints
craft glue
hot glue gun
colourful string/yarn
star template 
felt square 


Cut twig in desired length for wand. Paint the twig in your preferred colours. Some colours may require several layers to coat the twig. Allow time for the paint to dry between layers.


You can decorate with glitter by spreading a thin coat of white craft glue in the area you’d like the glitter. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue and tap off any excess. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly and apply another thin layer of glue to seal on the glitter. Cut out the star template and cut out 2 stars from the felt in a colour of your choice.

Use the hot glue to glue the two stars together without gluing the bottom rectangle together.

Slip the star over the wand and glue the sides of the rectangle to close the topper onto the twig.


Add a drop of hot glue to the bottom of your wand and glue the yarn/string. Wind the string around the twig to cover the bottom of the twig. Once you are happy with the coverage, cut your string, add a drop of hot glue and carefully glue the end of the yarn to the twig.



See finished wand in action here.


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