Easter Gift Guide 2015: Hop into Spring & Easter in Style


Easter Au Natural

1. Wooden Bug House – perfect for your little explorer
2. Magno Wooden Magnifying Glass – just what they need to inspect those bugs
3. Eco Wooden Musical Instrument – music to our ears
4. Hop & Peck Wooden Bunny Ears – cutest egg holder
5. Bunny Slippers – keeping toes warm and cozy

Easter giftguide garden

Easter Garden

1. Small metal Watering Can – cool and classic
2. Garden tools – keep their hands busy and dirty
3. The Tiny Seed, By Eric Carle – a classic story of the life cycle of a flower is told through the adventures of a tiny seed.
4. Flower Crown – its important to stay pretty too
5. Garden Treasure Box – a special place for garden treasures
6. Crack & Grow Egg Lavender Plant – adorable little plant kits

Easter giftguide 2015 bunnies4


It’s all about the Bunnies

1. Petit Pippin Bunny
2. Littles & Love Bunny
3. Lapin & Me Lamp
4. Woolen Bunny
5. The Wild Kids Apparel Modern Soft Toy Pillow
6. Sleepy Kings Yellow Plush Bunny
7. Hazel Village Lucas Rabbit
8. Sonny Angel Bunny
9. Woodland Rabbit LED Nightlight

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