Frequently Asked Questions

+What makes HappyPlay Dough eco friendly?

HappyPlay Dough is made from selected food grade products and the paper packaging is both reusable and degradable. Where possible our supplies are sourced locally and in bulk to reduce packaging waste and minimise carbon footprint.

+What makes HappyPlay Dough non-toxic?

Our secret recipe has been developed through experimentation and rigorous testing and a detailed ingredient list is proprietary. Having said that, we are happy to let you know that we are committed to using high quality natural ingredients. Although it will not be harmful if ingested it is highly not recommended due to high salt content.

+How long does HappyPlay Dough last?

HappyPlay Dough should be stored in a cool and dry place and when stored and sealed in it’s original packaging, HappyPlay Dough will last for months. If the dough is left out and forms a crystallised outer layer, work the dough and it will become soft and pliable again.

+Is HappyPlay Dough scented?

We have also experimented with scent to create our signature VanillaBubbleGum scent. Some colours of dough have individual scents like lavender or additional scents like orange essential oil to enhance the base scent according to colour and thus create a sensory dimension.

+Is HappyPlay Dough gluten free?

HappyPlay Dough is created with wheat and therefore not gluten free. Although there is no conclusive evidence in allergic reactions when touching gluten or wheat it should not be ingested if you are intolerant or allergic to wheat and/or gluten.