First Visit

Our first visit to the gyne together, and all is in order.

My gyne is super sweet, calm and patient. She explains everything and always makes sure she has answered all of my questions. We went over the possible delivery date and although it is calculated for the 15 of February, it is possible to go into labour before or even after the 40 weeks, up until one week after. I expressed my concerns about the pain I have been feeling in the lower pelvic area and the bouts of lightheaded and dizzyness. In fact it was just this morning that I didn’t think I’d manage to get out of bed without fainting. She explained that all my symptoms were normal and that I would return to relative ‘normality’ after the 1st trimester… only 5 weeks to go!

We asked her about how much my routine will change and the level of commitments I could take on and for how long. Its actually not as bad as I thought, providing that all goes well. Both R and I are doing what we can now to make sure that toward the end of the 40 weeks and at least one month after I can rest and be with our baby. The way things are looking, February is going to be quite a month. I am lucky that I will be able to work from home so there is no real problem or issue. It is a bit daunting right now to think of how we will manage, but I have no doubt in my mind that everything will be fine.

We had a good, long discussion, and she reassured us that all was normal. We even talked about the food business again, and mostly what I cannot eat, and I am on the right track with food and vitamins.

She then proceeded to take my blood pressure, which she found was low (90/30) – which explained the dizzyness, and the bout of near fainting at the Trade Fair yesterday.   Checked my weight, which I am monitoring as well, and tested my urine, which all came out fine 🙂 yay.

We were then asked if there was a doctor we preferred at the hospital, but being my first child, I had no preferences. She explained that there is a bit of a problem at the hospital at the moment and some doctors are quick to do C-section, to get the job over and done with, instead of waiting for the natural birth. For as far as possible it is always the best thing to have a natural birth, when there are no complications. She suggested 2 doctors whom she trusts are not inclined to schedule C-sections for no reason and I trust her. She she called the hospital and scheduled my first hospital visit where I will do an ultrasound with the doctor, get my blood tested, do another urine test (which I might add, I have been instructed to take with my each time I have an appointment!) and register at the hospital for all future visits and birth.

I am excited! By the time I go to the hospital for my ultrasound I will be at 10 weeks! And the baby will be more visible, at a higher position in the pelvis and I wont have to drink as much water before I go – phew!

We left the clinic in a flash – R had his first meeting with his professor for his field work! He only found out about it yesterday and couldn’t reschedule. I’m glad we were done on time. He was up at 5am – it was a busy and important day for many reasons. That said, his professor liked his proposal and he’s on the right track!! Well done R – you make me proud!

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