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Full of Heart

heartJust when I thought the ultrasounds were to be the most eventful experiences, our gyne used the doppler today to hear Jellybeans heartbeat, and I  must say that it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

We had our usual checkup of weight and blood pressure and Q&A session and then the doppler. She informed us that it might take some time for the heartbeat to be heard and that we would distinguish between the normal sounds and Jellybeans heartbeat because it would be very fast. So I braced myself to be patient and wait to hear that heartbeat.

Just as the placed the doppler on my belly, there it was…just like a train, it was so fast and loud! My heart filled with joy and my eyes were filling with the tears of joy. I looked over to R and he too had become slightly emotional.

I was so pleased, it really was something so very special.

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