Fun Design Tips For Your Baby’s Room

Fun Design Tips for Baby's Room

When welcoming a new baby into the family, a lot of the focus at home turns toward developing a beautiful nursery. Of course, in the early months your baby will likely be sleeping in your room, in a crib by your bed. Eventually the time will come when you will start to train your little one to sleep in their own room. That’s when it can be lovely to decorate a comfortable and attractive space.

A lot thought and preparation goes into styling and designing a nursery, but you’ll start with deciding on a few elements. To start, choose wallpaper or a shade of paint that strikes you as calm and appropriate, purchase a crib and some soft blankets and pillows, and you’ll likely even get a bit of furniture. Here we’ll look past the obvious items to a few fun design ideas you can employ to make the nursery a truly special and customised place for your precious little one.

Craft A Baby-Sized Wardrobe

Craft A Baby-Sized Wardrobe

{image via Graham Savage}

You can always fold all of your baby’s outfits in a little dresser, but if you’d rather hang them up there’s a great way to do so in a homemade wardrobe. A regular wardrobe or closet is a little bit big for hanging two-foot-tall onesies and the like, but a post at Project Nursery suggested a brilliant alternative. The post showed off a wonderful little nursery, but the strategy is to take a bookshelf and remove a few of the top shelves. Then you can insert closet bars (which you can likely purchase for easy installation at a nearby home and appliance shop). This makes for a small cubby for hanging outfits, with shelves underneath for storing shoes, blankets, or whatever else seems appropriate.

Enhance The Crib

Enhance The Crib

{image via Too Damn Cute}

You’ll probably want to purchase a crib that’s proven to be comfortable and sturdy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few improvements for the sake of design! This is a great chance to try your hand at a bit of light woodworking, and it might be easier than you think. For instance, you could make little spires to attach as bedposts with little more than some reclaimed wood and a turner or lathe. Screwfix showcases a range of tools that can help you to get an idea of what you might want. The options have varying strength in motors and bowl turning capacity, but the idea is that these tools can spin wood and allow you to carve intricate, rounded shapes. A tool like this or some other carving equipment can let you turn an ordinary crib into a unique and beautiful piece, whether you’re making bedposts, a fun headboard, or anything else that might appeal to you and your child.

Personalise The Wall Art

Personalize The Wall Art

{image via Petit & Small}

A lot of parents like to hang some bright, colorful wall art to nursery environments, and there’s no better way than to keep it personal and based on your own family. In some cases that might just mean a family photo or two, either framed as they are or stylised and turned into artistic prints. In other cases it might mean more of an artistic project, such as stamping the baby’s handprint in different colors on a few different canvases or framed backgrounds. There are all kinds of different ways to create personalised wall art and this is one area in which parents can have a whole lot of fun.

Use Boxes For Display

Use Boxes For Display

{image via Ferm Living}

This is an idea we’re borrowing from Adele Rotella, a wonderful little design blog. It’s actually an Italian site, but there are translated captions and crystal clear visuals that communicate the concept -— which is to convert wine boxes (and similar containers) into shelf and mantle space on nursery walls. This is fun because it adds a little bit of texture to the room, and creates intriguing twists on storage and art at the same time. As for what goes into the box, there are endless possibilities! They can be painted any which way and can house stuffed animals, figurines, abstract objects, or even children’s books.

With any of these ideas serving as inspiration, you can turn the nursery into a place that isn’t just cozy and sweet, but also unique and personally designed.

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