Gadget Review: The LEAF by Bellabeat


Usually around mid-December, I start making a mental list of resolutions for the coming New Year. I usually find, however, that the list gets really long, ultimately setting me up to fail miserably at keeping even one of the goals let alone the entire list. At the end of 2015, my list of resolutions was shorter than usual but a lot more focused and realistic.

After the year I had in 2014 and getting happily through 2015, I have gained an even deeper understanding of ‘putting things into perspective’ and honing in on what is really important. So, it is no surprise that health is a main subject on my list. This month marks a year since I received the ‘all clear’ after my treatment, and that’s certainly something to celebrate.

As a mom of an active toddler, my daily activity is never dull or sedentary but it’s not like a trip to the gym either. I don’t clock my time in and out.


Then I found The LEAF by Bellabeat – a beautiful piece of smart jewellery that helps you take care of you while adding style to your outfits. I have been wearing The LEAF every day for some time and not only has it helped me keep track of my daily activity, sleep patterns, ovulation cycles and stress, but it has also helped me see how I can improve my lifestyle to reduce stress – and for me, that’s pretty amazing.


I was not surprised to see The LEAF on several gift guides during the holiday season and more recently on Fab♥’s list of 2016 must-haves (that’s pretty great). It’s easy to see why I loved it the minute I saw it – and have been attached to it ever since I started using it.

While I use it as an activity tracker, with the option of customising it with the specific activity you are doing, it also guides you through levels of breathing exercises that, in turn, help reduce stress levels as well as help optimise sleep patterns. Take it from me, reducing stress and sleeping well go hand-in-hand and are the first steps to a healthy body and mind.


Apart from all that awesome stuff, The LEAF is also packed with a Smart Alarm that can be set to wake you up when you’ve had enough sleep or to remind you to get up and move if you have been sitting for too long. My days include me running around tirelessly with a toddler, but they also include lengths of time sitting at my desk. Now, thanks to The LEAF, I am reminded to ‘get up’ – even if just for a few minutes.

The ability to set more than one alarm also gives me comfort in knowing that I won’t ever forget to take my pills. Post chemo, I have been on several pills, that are vital for me to take every day, and some at different times of the day. No matter what I’m doing, the LEAF will gently vibrate reminding me that it’s time for my medication. I never forget any of my son’s medications, but before The LEAF, I would get so caught up in being mom, that I would forget my own.


Packed with both beauty and brains, The LEAF is certainly one piece of jewellery every health conscious woman should own. The LEAF can be worn as a necklace, clipped onto clothing or even worn as a bracelet. Either way, this piece of wearable technology makes a fashion statement.


It has really become an extension of me and I love how it beautifully accessorises any outfit. For a fashion loving, health-conscious, gadget obsessed, active mom like myself, it’s worthy of ‘happy dance’ awesomeness.


The LEAF is available in 2 styles: American Ashwood and steel or Blackwood and rose gold steel (swoon).




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