Gear Review: Spraw – Kekstor.

Gear Review: Spraw - Kekstor.

Our package from kekstor. arrived and I wanted to show you how cute the packaging was.

Gear Review: Spraw - Kekstor.

Say good-bye to tipping your bowl to spoon up your milk from your cereal bowl and say hello to the Spraw/Stroon/Drinking Spoon! Whatever you want to call it, once you try it, you’ll wonder just how anyone can have cereal without it.

Described as the latest innovation in cereal technology, (yea, cereal technology!) we suggest getting a Spraw before serving the next bowl of cereal to your little one (ppsstt… it’s good for mom’s and dad’s too!).

Even though H doesn’t eat cereal in milk (he eats cereal without milk) we still put the Spraw to the test.

Gear Review: Spraw - Kekstor.

He was pretty excited about a bowl of water with a spoon.

Gear Review: Spraw - Kekstor.

Use of the spoon – check!

Gear Review: Spraw - Kekstor.

Use of the straw?

Gear Review: Spraw - Kekstor.

I think the smile says it all.

Available in these 4 colours:


Head on over to kekstor. and get a Spraw today.

I’m not a fan of cereal, so I’m using my Spraw for my spiked ice cream floats – the perfect solution for eating the ice cream and sipping up the milky soda goodness!

ice cream float
{img Harpers Bazaar}

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