Gear Review: Thudguard Table Edge Bumper Guard

If you’re anything like I was when my son first started learning how to walk, you’ll wish you had eyes all around your head, count on the cat-like reflexes you didn’t know you had and walk around with your heart in your stomach with every step your little one takes. You begin to see every corner and every edge as opportunity for injury, and you feel like your brain might crack with worry.

I visited shops and was constantly on the lookout for products that would make my home a safe place for a little one to be stumbling around in, but apart from the obvious gates and sticky corner tabs that ruin your furniture, I wasn’t too happy with my findings.

Time passed and Henry became more stable on his feet, but my levels of stress did not decrease. Having an active, thrill seeking toddler who does not pay attention to furniture corners and edges just makes my heart race a little faster than his feet (and he’s quick). Then I heard about Thudguard and their Table Edge Bumper Guard.

Gear Review: Thudguard Table Edge Guard Gear Review: Thudguard Table Edge Guard

The Thudguard Table Edge Bumper Guard is perfect for most tables and stretches up to 5 metres.

My favourite thing about the table guard is that it’s light and you can take it with you to make any potentially unsafe environment safer, giving you a few extra seconds to enjoy a cup of tea with your sister or while your little one is visiting grandparents.

Just roll it up and put it into a bag.

Gear Review: Thudguard Table Edge Guard

The 1 inch padding on the guard is made of shock absorbing foam and easily adjusts to most table sizes and shapes with a single velcro tab – it’s that easy.

Gear Review: Thudguard Table Edge Guard Gear Review: Thudguard Table Edge Guard Gear Review: Thudguard Table Edge Guard

It’s machine washable and for mom’s like me who take style a little seriously, it’s not even bad on the eyes.

Visit Maltamum shop to purchase your table guard and also check out other safety equipment by Thudguard.

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