With so much going on around the world, sometimes it can be hard to think that there is anything good in the world. HappyPlay Co. is here to bring you regular doses of HappyNews to help you learn about good and happy things going on around you and around the world – about kids, for kids and with the help of kids.

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Make Someone Smile

Hold a door open for someone.
Help someone carry their groceries.
Donate some of your unused toys.
Write a letter to a loved one.

Random Acts of Kindness

Here’s your chance to tell us about your own random acts of kindness – something you have done, when someone was kind to you, or random acts of kindness you have seen done by others.

Fill in the form on the right and let us know.

We really believe that the more kindness we see, the kinder we’ll be, and this starts with you.