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Welcome to the world of happyplay

Tools & products to enhance play and encourage postivity & happiness

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Introducing: happyplay dough

Delightful sensory play dough that is non-toxic, eco friendly and long lasting


HappyPlay Co.

Research shows that play is an integral part of development. Through play, children learn to engage with the world around them in creative and cognitive ways. Play is also known to be beneficial when it is used as a tool to help children deal with emotions, learn self control, problem solving and modify behaviours. In today’s world (now more than ever) many of the things that are affecting our children are external factors and there is no better time than now to look for ways to help them get through these difficult and potentially life altering times.

Sure, this wasn’t exactly what we had planned to roll out as our first product, but this brand is all about being positive, happy and making the most of the situation we are in. So, we decided to change things up a bit and we’re delighted.

We are very excited to introduce our very first HappyPlay Co. product: non-toxic, eco friendly, long lasting, hand crafted, play dough. It’s super soft, silky sometimes glittery and sometimes scented – but always fun.

HappyPlay Dough


We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you something very special.

We hope you’ll stick around until we’re back!

I like that it sticks to furniture less then playdough and so far I’ve never found crumbs on the floor.

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after a weekend of play… ‘still going strong & no hardening at all’

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It’s remained nice & intact in its container ready for reuse & not smelly or anything of the sort. It’s a winner!

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‘They love the texture, the way it looks and how their hands feel after (girls!!)’

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HappyPlay Co. is the brainchild of Lorinda Mamo. Both her & her son have been seriously ill over the last 7 years. After years of managing her sons medical health & seeing the benefits of positivity & play while in & out the hospital stays she saw the importance of finding ways of caring for mental health during difficult times. She is now on a mission to help others dealing with similar situations, to help normalise play & positivity as a major part of mental therapy.

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