The Most Important Weight Loss Journey with PlanH

Transplant day is approaching.

If you already read my blog, you know that R has been on PlanH before, and it had been a great success. We have been to London back and forth since then and sticking to a healthy diet has been a challenge, but with no lack of motivation.

R and Henry - A Bird with a French FryWe are now in the home stretch to the transplant, and it’s more vital than ever for R to lose the weight he needs – sometimes that takes a kind of superhero strength and will. With the help of PlanH, reaching your goal weight is something that can be achieved.

You don’t have to be thin to qualify to be a living donor, however there is usually a BMI cutoff point. The problem with using a kidney from an overweight donor is the heath risk posed (to the donor) by having only one kidney. Obesity raises the risk of kidney failure, and without a “back up” organ, donors themselves would be at increased risk.

This is one important weight loss journey.

R’s current weight: 90.8kg and goal weight is 80kg.

Let the journey begin.

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