January in Review


As the first month of the year comes to an end, I take a deep breath and thank the stars for everything that has come to pass over the past 31 days.

Up until a few days ago, every day of the past month were spent waiting with bated breath for a phone call, hoping that the person on the other end would give us a date. Each and every time the phone rang, my heart would skip a beat. Allow me to explain. Back in November, Henry’s blood values began to fluctuate and much concern was presented by his doctors (you can imagine our panic). After blood tests and consultations, it was decided that we would need to travel to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in January. We waited, but the call only came earlier this week to notify us that the plans had changed and the trip is now scheduled for March. Needless to say, I was relieved that the urgency had subsided.


Lately, because of several visits to the children’s treatment room at the hospital for bloods tests, it has become increasingly difficult. As an invisible disease, the only way to monitor his wellbeing is to draw and test bloods regularly. And it never gets easier. This last week was especially difficult since he was pricked for a vaccine, his weekly injection as well as blood tests. Suffice to say, he had had enough. And with good reason.

The challenges were not only present for Henry but also for my husband. As the potential kidney donor for Henry, his weight and health had to improve drastically. A potential donor is required to be below a specific weight and he had a long way to go. The holidays were difficult and although he didn’t veer too much off his track, the results were slow and discouraging.

There was plenty in the way of motivation, but the creativity for a variety of healthy meals was dwindling. The pressure and stress of the meal planning was taking its toll.

Then, a friend of mine suggested PlanH. And before I could say ‘healthy’, she was on the phone with me telling me that my husband was going to start his PlanH that very week. Over the moon much? You have no idea!

In essence, all his meals are prepared and delivered. The meals and snacks are tasty, healthy and satisfying. And I have been pleasantly surprised with the variation of foods and meals.


The best part? Since he started 4 weeks ago, he has lost 5 kilos – a steady and healthy weight loss. PlanH has done more for us than just provide meals, it has saved our sanity and taken off some of the pressure for his goal to lose the weight for such in important reason. I will keep you updated with his progress. In the meantime, check out their website and Facebook page.

And now that January is over and we’re not going anywhere just yet, I can get to work to put together a party for Henry’s 3rd birthday. And remembering the words his doctor told me this week ‘…look at him, he’s come a long way, 3 years (with plenty of bumps), but doing well…’

As for me, I celebrated one year of being cancer free, have had many new and exciting opportunities, and friendships that continue to enrich my life.

We have plenty of reasons to celebrate!

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