Kid-Approved Stylish Storage for Stowing Toys and Games

Most kids aren’t so great at keeping their rooms and play areas tidy. Without begging, pestering and reminding, their activity areas are often left disheveled and dirty. But there is a solution for quietly encouraging tiny tykes to keep their clothing and toys neatly stored and stowed away.

Here are a few clever storage ideas for encouraging little ones to embrace organization and orderliness.

Kid Approved Toy Storage
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All aboard! Kids will adore rolling under the bed storage, especially when it includes a train table. Perfect for aspiring auto-lovers, this storage system disguises locomotive clutter and can be used for hiding tons of tiny trinkets.

Kid Approved Toy Storage
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Nothing beats a turn style storage system. Perfect for bookworms, mini-mes will love having a spinning library at home. An additional corkboard and lots of empty basket slots provides for a perfect way for kids to enjoy the process of stowing their toys and treasures. Bonus: hooks on this cylinder storage unit allow for book bags and backpacks to be neatly stored for school.


Kid Approved Toy Storage
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Princess fanatics will appreciate a dollhouse storage system that can be used for storing blankets, books and stuffed animals. Alternatively, craft supplies and clothing find a permanent place within an open dollhouse. Parents will appreciate a toy storage system as it can also be used for playtime.


Kid Approved Toy Storage
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Hanging planters are not only a budget friendly storage solution but allow youngsters a super easy and ultra-visible way to store their blocks, books and bears. Decorative and easy to hang, open wall baskets or crates are an appealing and kid-friendly storage option.


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For the ultimate storage solution, nothing beats a bedroom Ferris wheel. Super unique and totally cool, an amusement park ride storage system is ideal for storing games, puzzles and circus themed animals. A wheel with individual “passenger cars” will be perfect for kids who need quick plop-away storage and want a permanent funhouse feel to their big boy or big girl bedroom.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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