Kids Decor Pillow Roundup

A Bird with a French Fry - Kids Cushion Roundup

1. Oeuf Music Tape Pillow
A little retro and very cool. Bringing back the classic cassette tape, in 100% baby alpaca knit.

2. k studio animal figures
We are animals after all. Hopefully we have some wonderful animal characteristics, just like these two. These gorgeous figures are designed to be used as pillows or toys or to be hung on the wall (there’s a loop on the back of their heads). Filled with feather and down insert makes them super soft.

3. BeddingInn Donut Cushion
Soft and velvety to the touch, this gorgeous cushion is fun to play with, lie on just look cute. We use ours daily. If you love donuts you’ll love snuggling up with this cushion. And even if you don’t like donuts (like Henry) you’ll still love this soft cushion.

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4. Paparajote Factory Cloud Cushion
Small yellow cloud cushion/soft toy with a sleepy face. We love that it goes so well alongside many other cushions and brightens up and kids room or nursery.

5. Ferm Living Billy Bear Cushion
Is it a teddy bear or a cushion? We will leave that decision up to the kids. But one thing is for sure – these billy bear  cushions are the cutest thing and compliment decor in any kids room.

6. Ampersand Design Studio Hexagon Throw Pillow
Mom always said there were two sides to every story and six sides to every Hexagon Throw Pillow. Boy, was she right. This Nod exclusive is designed by Ampersand Design Studio and adds a burst of color and shape to kids play space or bed.

7. Donna Wilson Holding Hands Cushion
This band of friendly creatures will definitely keep the kids company! The cushion is screen printed in the UK on oyster linen and comes with a duck feather cushion pad.

8. Bianca the Big Moon Pillow by Grampa
The perfect big pillow for a nap, and for creating a magical atmosphere.

9. Camomile London Small House Pillow
Camomile London  pillows are softly padded and made from cotton double muslin. They have embroidered windows and doors with a hand quilted roof. Prefect for play and cuddles, they come in a variety of sizes and colours.

Design Tips:

 Cushions and pillows are great to add to any room. They add colour texture and soften a look or make it more playful and inviting.

 You don’t need to stick to the conventional ways to use pillows. Try placing them on shelves, against the wall, in a teepee or create a cosy reading nook.

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