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Littlefolk and Lil Gadgets Review + Giveaway

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

How many times have you heard the same song with your kid(s) today? I can bet it’s more than you care to admit and you swear that if you hear it one more time, you’ll probably barf a rainbow.

I’ve been there. Sometimes it gets to the point where I feel that the songs almost begin to hurt my ears. One of the most recent favourites around here is ‘Baby Shark – do do do do dodo’, even just writing the name of the song brings on a spine curdling annoyance! The songs might (might) be cute the first time you hear them but after you’ve heard it play 8 times in a row, you can pretty much kiss that initial ‘like feeling’ good-bye. Forever.

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

We enjoy music in our house so we like to listen to many different styles and if you spend any time with Henry, you’ll soon realise that he’s a fan of music too. As he has become more vocal, he randomly sings songs that he hears and my heart just melts at the way he utters the words into a tune; most of the time making up sounds that he thinks are the words of the song. Hilarious? Yes. Adorable? Beyond measure.

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

I consider music to be a powerful and important part of our culture and development. Music affects our lives on a daily basis evoking a slew of emotions. Now, with Henry being so interested in music, I’m always in search of music that we (parents and kid) enjoy listening to together. And the album Littlefolk, by Angie Who is exactly that and it’s wonderfully beautiful. When we listen to the album we laugh, sing, dance and play and it even helps us drift off to dreamland. And how gorgeous is that album cover?

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

On days when we’re feeling dull, dreary or overly anxious, listening to some good music like the Littlefolk album helps us bond, smile and find some calm.

Listening to Music

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

For times when we don’t all want to listen to music I wanted to still give Henry the option to play and listen to music with the use of headphones. I soon learned that not any headphones would do – they needed to be safe and cool. LilGadgets Connect+ headphones are specifically designed for kids and are pretty awesome.  They’re made for kids ages 2-7 and have limited volume so that they can never be too loud for little, developing ear drums.

Henry’s verdict:

He loves them and tells me he’s like a DJ when he’s wearing them.

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

Mommy’s verdict:

Right out of the box, I love the feel of the polycarbonate headband. The headband is foldable and can be stored in the pouch that comes in the box – great for traveling or just carrying around. The soft touch fabric of the earphone is really soft and comfortable on the ears. The 4ft audio cable is great for busy dancing bodies. But my most favourite feature of the LilGadgets Connect+ headphones is the integrated SharePort® making it possible for 2 people to listen to the same music. Henry and I often listen to tunes is R wants quiet time and vice versa if I need some quiet time.

A Bird with a French Fry - Little Folk and lil gadgets Review

And it’s no wonder they are designed so well, having been designed by design conscious parents who were looking for well designed items for kids that were not covered in cartoons, or of very low quality. Being so fond of stories behind designs makes me love the headphones even more.

To help share our love of music we are giving away 2 albums.

Follow A Bird with a French Fry on Facebook and Instagram to find out how to enter.

Be sure to check out the Littlefolk album and follow Angie Who.

And if you’re looking for good quality, safe and well designed headphones for your little ones, head on over to LilGadgets.

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