Laundry Makeover

This weekend I managed to combine a bit of office work, house cleaning/tidying up and even a bit of painting in the freshly refurbished laundry room.

I spent most of the day at the office on Saturday while R worked  in the laundry room;  fixed the warping shelves, gave it a fresh new coat of paint, changed the green lightbulb and removed the boxes and items that defined it into more of a shed than a laundry room.

Being the picky finicky woman that I am, I retouched some of the missed patches of paint… but let him continue with his work, while I spent the early evening baking a pork and mushroom pie, I even made the dough from scratch.

Poor R was so exhausted by the end of the day, the combination of heat, sun and dehydration, made for a very tired and hungry man… and the pie hit the spot. And when he regained a tiny bit of energy, he stumbled around the kitchen and even made some apple walnut muffins, which were just to die for!

I spent the most of Sunday, cleaning up the laundry of the spilled paint on the floor, the paint off of the brackets and cleaning the sink… and I am so pleased ! It’s looking like a proper laundry room. We need a new faucet, but that’s no big deal and I’m going to make a little curtain around the unsightly bottom of the sink so that it looks much neater… and possibly little curtains for the shelves, which the photo has inspired. And I have just the perfect piece of fabric.

We recently purchased a box (2 bags) of the sealable vacuum bags, where you pack in your clothes and stuff and then suck out all the air with the vacuum. I tried them out this weekend and they really worked wonders, cleared up quite a pile into 2 small bags. Now, I’ll  store out of season clothing on the laundry room shelves! Brilliant – I love space saving!

I also came across this DIY project today and think it would be a great addition to the room.. but it will have to be a project I tackle at a later date.

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