Missing the freezing


You could say I have love-hate feelings about the weather in Malta all year round.

I love the long summer days but I hate the stifling heat and how some days are just too hot to go outdoors.

I love the fresh winter rainy days (when I don’t have to go out) but I hate how damp and cold it is!

Strangely, I miss the very cold freezing winters of home, I miss the snowball fights, the ice skating in the blistering cold wind and getting warm and toasty when you get indoors. For those that can’t relate, I compare this feeling to the feeling you get after your shower on one of those long days at the beach – it just makes you glow from inside out.

When I saw what this mom did with her son one cold winter day, it made me miss the freezing weather so much more! The images are so captivating that they seem almost magical and unreal.

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