Nerdy Numbers & Others for Little Geeks

Henry and My Little Geek Books

I came across My Little Geek long before I was even pregnant. I immediately added it to one of my never ending list apps of ‘things not to forget’ because I knew this was one book (My Little Geek – ABC) that I really wanted to get for my future child/ren. So I followed My Little Geek online and early last year they announced that they were working on 2 new books and were using crowdsourced funding for the project on Kickstarter. I was more than happy to make a pledge for these books.

We have just received the books and they are great fun!

Learning the alphabet is so much more fun when you use words like Android, Hologram and Zombie, it beats the usual Apple, Horse and Zoo any day.

And it’s not your average shape book either with shapes like dodecahedron and toroid.

Nerdy Numbers takes kids from one cake to a googol to the speed of light.

On top of all that, the illustrations are cute, original and best of all, geeky.


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