October Awareness – Breast Cancer & Babywearing


Only 5 days into October and it already brings with it plenty of insight to what’s in store for the rest of the month.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and, as many of my friends and readers know, it was only a year ago that I was going through chemotherapy treatment and fighting Breast Cancer. Last year I stood in the sidelines looking in at all the events and all the campaigns that ran through the month to spread awareness – I did not have the strength and least of all any motivation to participate in or to attend events. I was deeply touched, however, by all the support towards the cause and this year I am doing everything I can to help create awareness. I want to encourage self examinations, screenings and not waiting until you notice a symptom. When detected early, cancer can be successfully treated – saving your life or the life of someone you love.

It is only because I detected my cancer early (by sheer coincidence) that I am here to talk about it today and that’s pretty scary stuff.

Please visit the websites of local organisations to get more information about breast cancer, to find out about screening, to help spread awareness and join in supporting the cause. They are doing wonderful work!
Action for Breast Cancer Foundation
Europa Donna
Pink October

International Babywearing Week

October also hosts International Babywearing Week from the 4th – 10th of October. Events kicked off with a Babywearing flashmob organised by Babywearing Malta. There was also a collection of slings and carriers that will be used in workshops and library were also on display. I was also thrilled to see Ergobaby carriers at the event. In the Babywearing community, this is big news for Malta and thanks to Elisavet of MaltaMum, it is now possible to purchase Ergobaby locally.

I started wearing Henry when he was about 10 months old. With him being in and out of the hospital, there never seemed like a good time to settle into a carrier until he was better. Since I started using a carrier with him, I have never looked back.  Now, I strongly recommend babywearing to every mom I know.

For me, these two seemingly unrelated campaigns, are intertwined. There were days last year when I had little strength to hold my baby, the carrier allowed me to wear my baby with ease, and provided me with the much-needed bonding we both needed especially during the year we were having.

  1. Your strength and courage to persevere is inspiring! The way you have related these two topics are simply perfect. Cancer Awareness and Babywearing.. It is no coincidence that you are here to share your story. It’s your purpose. I have a friend that has/had breast cancer. She’s 33, and continues to receive treatment. She shares her story, telling of how sick, tired, and weak she feels some days. Thank you for your insight. I’m praying for your family! {{Happy Fall/Pumpkin Season!}

  2. I wish I had a lovely sling or carrier like these when my girls were babies. So comfy, stylish and easy. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month my heart is with you and many of my friends and family who have been touched by this disease. With proper funding, science and education, we will find a cure.

  3. I am so extremely happy for you that you managed to beat this terrible disease! You are right; we should not wait until symptoms appear to do something! Thank you so much for sharing this post!

  4. Your blog gives me hope. I’ve recently been diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer and had to wean my 10 month old in 2 weeks. Starting 20 week chemo on Monday and I’ve been worrying how to maintain my bond with my very attached and clingy daughter (especially since weaning) and knowing that someone else had done babywearing while chemo gives me hope and puts my mind at ease. We will need that special bonding time. ❤️❤️

    1. I am sorry to hear that you have been given the chapter of cancer in your life – it just breaks my heart when I hear news of people being diagnosed. Baby wearing helped me and I was still able to wear him. Don’t lose hope and just do what you can on a single day. Stay close to your baby, it really helps. <3 <3 stay strong!

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