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To start, I’d like to share a little bit about the story behind gNappies and the gCommunity they have created for gMoms and gDads – ya got that ‘G‘?!

One day over breakfast, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye came across an interesting fact. They found that conventional disposable nappies are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world and a single disposable nappy can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in a landfill. Since Graham-Nyes were about to have a baby themselves, it got them thinking. Their mission to find a better nappy solution began and they created a nappy system that uses biodegradable inserts and reusable pants.

They also created the gCommunity; a group of moms and dads who make thoughtful choices in how they how they live, as well as lean on each other for support on the journey of parenting.

And gNappies is a part of our parenting journey too.

gNappies - A Bird with a French Fry www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

When I first considered the possibility of using cloth nappies, I never thought I’d end up using them the way we do, and I am sure that the gNappies team weren’t expecting it either.

One of the characteristics of Prune Belly Syndrome is a distended tummy, so the usual nappies end up falling below the tummy and more so once soiled or wet. In the early months, my concern was mainly keeping H stable and staying on top of medications, treatments and hospital visits, so the option for looking into and using re-usable nappies quickly took the back burner.

At 18 months old, life threatening complications arose when H’s ureter kinked on itself after a routine surgery. To rectify this and save his life, his ureter was brought to the outside of his body (a lot less weird than you might imagine). This ultimately meant that urine would leak constantly from this hole in his tummy.

gNappies - A Bird with a French Fry www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

The nappy struggle got worse.

For starters, nappies are meant to absorb urine from the groin area, not the tummy. Couple that with a distended tummy, the nappy immediately flops once the area at the waist is full – and he’s not dry for much more than 30 minutes. I even resorted to trying women’s hospital grade sanitary towels, if it kept him dry, I was game to use any method that worked.

Despite my efforts, the only solution that worked was using 3 nappies at a time – one worn the usual way, for stools, one worn horizontally like a belt to absorb excess urine and one to keep everything in place – that’s a lot of nappies, pretty uncomfortable and not always 100% effective – because that is not how nappies are intended to be used.

And now you’re wondering how gNappies helped?

Although we have not been using gNappies as they were intended to be used, I am able to eliminate 2 of the regular nappies by using the biodegradable nappy that fits into the gPants and a regular nappy around his tummy to absorb the urine from his tummy and then the gPants hold everything nice and snug and on top of that they are super cute.

Here is how gNappies work:

gNappies - A Bird with a FrenchFry www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

  • waterproof breathable pouch that holds the insert in place – reusable, and can be washed with baby’s or your clothes at 30º (included with gPants)
  • disposable inserts which are 100% biodegradable meaning they they can be composted (wet ones only) and re-absorbed back into the soil within 50-100 day
  • 100% soft cotton gPants

gNappies - A Bird with a FrenchFry www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

There are tiny snaps on the inside of the gPants for the waterproof pouch to snap on to.

gNappies - A Bird with a FrenchFry www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

The disposable insert fits into the pouch and the gNappy is ready to wear.

gNappies - A Bird with a French Fry www.abirdwithafrenchfry.com

And we are ready for playtime that is fun, and best of all, dry.

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