Our Wedding Day Story

Before the health upheavals in our lives there was us.

Yes, I know this is not a wedding blog, but this post is as much about 2 people who love each other and have been through the thick and thickest of things as it is about life, love, happiness and family.

After being together for 8 years, we decided to put on that white dress and snazzy suit and walk down the aisle.


We opted for a very small, intimate wedding. For us, the most important part of the wedding was the ceremony and we quickly ditched the idea of having a large wedding reception. Our story was also featured in Bliss Wedding Magazine in an article on large vs intimate weddings.


We were honoured with the presence of family and friends who filled the pews of the beautiful chapel, many of which traveled to Gozo to attend the wedding. The greatest gift was being able to share this moment with them.

After the ceremony, we gathered in front of the church with our guests and shared champagne and traditional almond biscuits. We greeted, embraced, and laughed.

Although a small wedding, I did not let it limit my attention to detail, and I enjoyed the wedding preparations immensely.

Being particular about detail and design, I designed invites, wedding programme, stationary and small favours for the day.


The programme was equipped with tiny glassine envelopes filled with coloured rice that guests threw as we exited the chapel.

We gave out Cootie Catchers adorned with almond sugar candy as wedding favours.



As a young girl growing up with my mom sewing clothes for us, it was a long time dream of mine for my mother to sew my wedding dress when the time came. The lace used for the dress was a fine, handmade French Guipure vintage lace that I immediately fell in love with.

As a gift and remembrance of the day, I took 9 square canvases and drew out the pattern of the vintage lace that my dress was made of.

All together the 9 canvases make up one large pattern and each member of our family was given one of these canvases.



After the ceremony and the champagne, we headed to the restaurant where we enjoyed an exquisite lunch in our own a private room.


We had some wine, laughed, had photos taken and made plenty of beautiful memories.

We even got a little silly.

But mostly we were in love.


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