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A Bird with a French Fry - Rainbow Pom Pom Wall Decor
Tips for Parents who are students too - A Bird with a French Fry

5 Tips for Parents Who Are Students Too

Student parents face a lot of challenges while pursuing an education at university level.  Not only do they have the pressures of meeting course deadlines and getting adequate grades, but they also…

Bringing Back Mom Jeans

It’s funny how in fashion a certain trend is in one minute and out the next. It seems that we can’t make up our minds on styles. At one point in time…

A Bird with a French Fry - Play Therapy & Emotionary

Play Therapy & an Emotionary

These past few months have gone by quicker than I care to accept. Despite having been worried about initial plans for surgery being postponed, I am happy they were. On the one hand,…

Personalize The Wall Art

Fun Design Tips For Your Baby’s Room

When welcoming a new baby into the family, a lot of the focus at home turns toward developing a beautiful nursery. Of course, in the early months your baby will likely be…

A Bird with a French Fry Project Modern Kids' Spaces: Enchanted Dreams

Project Modern Kids’ Space: Enchanted Dreams

Creating spaces for children that are both welcoming and comfortable is no easy task. When I came across the beautiful organic children’s bedding collection by Forivor, I wanted to be 6 again.…

A Bird with a French Fry - Kids Cushion Roundup

Kids Decor Pillow Roundup

1. Oeuf Music Tape Pillow A little retro and very cool. Bringing back the classic cassette tape, in 100% baby alpaca knit. 2. k studio animal figures We are animals after all. Hopefully we have…
Letter to Santa Kit - Printable Template - A Bird with a French Fry

Letter to Santa Kit

Christmas has always been a big deal for me and I suppose it stems from the love and joy that I experienced during this time of year as a child. Till this…

A Bird with a French Fry - Easter Cootie Catcher
Easter Cootie Catcher
There is more to Easter than chocolate bunnies. I love…
A Bird with a French Fry Blogversary
Happy Blogversary

It’s party time. When I started this blog 4 years…


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