Lunchbox Notes – Series One: Love & Encouragement

It’s that time of year again. Soon enough, the days will start getting shorter, the air will start getting fresher, and you’ll be sending your little ones off to their first day of school.

Growing up, lunch was serious business in our house – chicken Parmigiano on a kaiser bun, lox and cream cheese on a poppy-seed bagel, vegetable fritters, fresh fruit, and we’d often find a special sweet treat or favourite savoury snack – always packed with lots of love. My school lunch and recess breaks were never gastronomically dull.

And I still don’t take packed lunches lightly, but now I’m adding something extra.

Lunchbox Notes display

So pack up a delicious lunch or two or three and the add a nice surprise to their lunchbox – a special note of encouragement, support, or just plain love.

Here are 8 printable lunchbox notes for you to print and slip into your little ones lunchbox.

lunchbox notes
To be used for personal use only – not for sale. 

And we suggest packing it all up in our favourite Happy Jackson – My Lunch, Lunchbox.


  1. These are great! I don’t have lil’ ones anymore, but my college girl will be so surprised (& hopefully delightfully embarrassed) when she finds these scattered around her lunch, backpack, school books. 😉

  2. I absolutely love these! I’m going to be using these in my sons lunches when he starts school next week! I know he’ll love finding this in his bag at lunchtime! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Finally have some time to catch up on your blog…
    Lorinda, these are so cute and what a cool idea ! Sam will be surprised to find these and now that he can read he’ll love them ! Let’s start printing …. 🙂

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