ClubCreative S2ep4 – Lino Prints


For this ClubCreative Session, we’re teaming up with Alison Shaw to create a set of 6 lino prints.
Alison Shaw is a visual art educator and artist, with a special interest in modern and contemporary art, printmaking, and feminism. Lino printing is Alison’s favourite medium of choice due to its versatility and the reproductivity of its nature.
This lino printing ClubCreative session will give participants some knowledge about different types of printmaking, as well as an appreciation for the medium. By the end of the session, each participant will make an edition of six lino prints.
No prior knowledge of printing is required, but it is advised that participants come with an idea of an A5-sized design they’d like to create as a print.

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ClubCreative Workshop – Lino Cut Prints


Tuesday 14th March

TIME: 1900hrs

  • all materials are included to create a set of 6 prints
  • water, wine and nibbles throughout the evening

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