Easter Cootie Catcher

Here is a free printable to download and print your very own Cootie Catcher for a few extra giggles and lots of love.

Cootie Catchers Fun Facts
Evidence suggests that Cootie Catchers go as far back as the 17th century, but didn’t become popular until the 50’s when they were seen widely in the US and Britain and took off from there.

Sources believe the word “cootie” came from the Malay word kutu, meaning “dog tick,” which returned with British soldiers after World War I. Some believe that the centre of the Cootie Catcher act as pincers that swallow up germs or bugs which were referred to as ‘cooties’.

Folding instructions can be found here.



Here is a fun way to share some giggles, love and activity between friends.

Print your cootie catcher on A4 paper, cut and fold! Print as many as you like.

You can follow the instructions here to find out how to fold your cootie catcher.

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