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Calm little worries and help little ones feel a little happier and at ease with the HappyPlay Co. HappyPebble.

Somedays feel very hard
It feels like one big struggle

But here’s a HappyPebble
It’s kind of like a snuggle

Give it a little rub
Or give it a little squeeze

It will bring you comfort
And help you feel at ease.

HappyPebbles are our version of worry stones, an idea that has been around for hundreds of years. A little pebble or rock is kept at hand for whenever worry or anxiety comes around.  Touching and/or rubbing the pebble/stone is soothing and can be a good way to calm anxious little bodies and minds.

Our HappyPebbles have been crafted from special clay and have been shaped with an indentation just to fit a thumb or finger in position. The physical action of rubbing and/or touching can help greatly to calm the mind. The HappyPebble can also come to be a physical touch point that can help with grounding when feeling stressed, upset, anxious or overwhelmed.

The HappyPebble comes in its very own little pouch but it’s also small enough to keep in a pocket, to make sure it can be kept safe and close so little ones can reach for it whenever they need it.

Play happy with HappyPlay.

Not suitable for children under 3.

In stock


HappyPlay Co. – HappyPebbles


  • Includes 1 HappyPebble
  • Color: Various
  • Package/storage: Mini Cloth Pouch
  • Handcrafted
  • Ages: 3+ | Warning: Choking Hazard.

NOTE: Recommended for children 3+ years.

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